CA Dept of Public Health Statement

The California Department of Public Health issued a statement yesterday:
Postpone routine procedures, surgeries, and non-urgent dental visits. Perform only those procedures that are needed to treat dental emergencies (e.g., uncontrolled bleeding, severe pain, trauma, cellulitis).

Routine orthodontic treatment does not fall into these emergent areas. We are happy to see you if there is an emergency, however all routine care is suspended for now.

We hope to resume routine care as soon as it is safe and the “Stay at home” order is lifted. In the mean time, please stay safe and healthy.

Office Appointment Rules effective 4/4/2020

For all office appointments:

If the patient is an adult please come to the office alone. Do not bring children, or other adults.

If the patient is a child: Please only one adult with each patient in the office. All others must wait outside the building.

Only one person may approach the front desk. Please keep at lease 6 feet away from other patients/parents in the reception area.

In the clinic area, please use EVERY OTHER treatment chair. Keep an empty chair between you and the next patient.

We appreciate your cooperation with these rules and thank you in advance.

Office Rules as of 4/4/2020

If the patient is an adult: Please come into the office alone. All others must wait outside the building.

If the patient is a child: Only ONE adult with each patient may enter the building. All others must wait outside the building.

Only one person may approach the front desk at a time.

In the reception area, please respect social distancing by keeping 6 feet away from other persons.

In the treatment area, please use every other chair. Keep an empty chair between patients.

We appreciate your cooperation with these rules and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Office Update 4/1/2020

As of today, ALL scheduled appointments through April 30th are CANCELED.

We are not certain on when we can resume elective patient care. Our office and staff are following the best recommendations of State and Federal Health agencies.

As soon as we can set a date to resume patient care we will contact you to reschedule your appointments. We appreciate your patience and understanding in these difficult times.

Cleft Palate Alveolar Bone Graft timing

Most of the time, for a cleft lip & palate patient, at the initial lip and nose surgery (4 to 5 months of age) the alveolus (area of the teeth) is left open to the nose. This is called an oral-nasal fistula. The is a hole from the mouth directly into the nose. Food and liquids can cross through this opening. The opening is not closed until the teeth growing near the opening are getting close to the edge. The opening is closed and bone filled just in time so the teeth grow all the way to the level of the surrounding teeth. This surgery is called an alveolar bone graft. For most children, it is at age 9 to 11. The orthodontist and surgeon will look at the area with x-rays at about age 7 to determine the best timing for the surgery.

Usually, segments of the upper jaw need to be aligned prior to or soon after the surgery to close the opening. After the graft surgery, the upper front teeth can be aligned. The tooth at the area of the graft surgery often is missing or not usable.

Essential Services

To all our patients — During this time of sequestering in our homes to avoid becoming sick, we will only see emergency patients who are in pain. We hope each of you stays healthy. We also hope to be back to making great smiles as soon as possible. …. Dr. Jacob and Staff

How do braces move teeth?

Braces do not actually move teeth. They move the bone surrounding the tooth to allow the tooth to move. Cells in your body build new bone, and move bone out of the way. The cells are located in the ligament that holds the tooth to the bone. When the orthodontist pushes on a tooth, these cells are activated in about 12 hours. Then they go to work moving the socket around the tooth.

Jaw surgery planning.

For teens who will need a jaw surgery with their braces treatment. This treatment usually starts at age 16 1/2 to age 17. The jaw surgery will be 12 to 18 months after the start of braces. The braces will be on the teeth for the surgery as the surgeon will wan to use them for rubber band physical therapy for several months. After the surgery there will be finishing work with the braces. This can take 12 to 18 months depending on what needs to be done.

In general, the surgery is done the summer after high school graduation. We request patients to stay local for the first year or two of college so they can complete the treatment without delays. There can also be a plastic surgery procedure needed after the jaw surgery if the patient has a cleft lip.

Wellness, Eat Better, Look Better

Oral wellness is an important part of general wellness.

The first thing your physician does is look in your mouth. It reflects the general health and wellness of your entire body!

The ease of cleaning and maintaining your oral health is, in large part, due to the proper alignment of teeth. If they are crowded it is more difficult to clean.

Teeth out of alignment are also more prone to unusual wear and breakage. Chipping or breaking a tooth can quickly ruin your day. Fixing it can ruin your budget!

Proactive and preventive care, like aligning your teeth with braces, can improve your oral health and overall health. As an added bonus, it improves your FACE VALUE!

Do Electric Tooth Brushes Do A Better Job?

Electric tooth brushes have been found in a recent study to clean teeth better than a manual tooth brush. There does not seem to be a significant difference between brands of electric toothbrushes.

The American Journal of Orthodontics in the December 2017 edition has a well designed and detailed meta-study to compare manual with a number of electric toothbrushes. Ask your orthodontist or dentist for a recommendation on which brush they think is best.