5/30 Update

We will start seeing patients in the office Monday, June 1, 2020. We are starting with a limited number of patients each day as treatment units require more cleaning than previously. We are calling back people as fast as possible, but it will take at least a month to get everyone scheduled. Patients in active treatment will be scheduled first, patients in retainers will be seen only if there are problems with the retainers.

If you need emergency attention please call Dr. Jacob at 619 972-7167

You MUST have a face covering to enter the office. We can not provide face masks. Please only arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment. There will not be an area to sit and wait at the front of the office. Only one person may come to the appointment with the patient. All others must wait outside the building. Please wash your hands on entering and leaving the treatment area.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Dr. Jacob