Do Electric Tooth Brushes Do A Better Job?

Electric tooth brushes have been found in a recent study to clean teeth better than a manual tooth brush. There does not seem to be a significant difference between brands of electric toothbrushes.

The American Journal of Orthodontics in the December 2017 edition has a well designed and detailed meta-study to compare manual with a number of electric toothbrushes. Ask your orthodontist or dentist for a recommendation on which brush they think is best.

How do braces close spaces between teeth?

The braces are a handle attached to each tooth. The wire is the guide path. It is important to keep the teeth upright as they move and not tip them. If they are tipped to close the space, the space will re-open.

Method One: An elastic chain is attached to each brace both securing the guide wire into the bracket and pulling the teeth closer together. As the teeth move closer together, the extra wire slides out the back of the last brace.

Method Two: A loop in the guide wire (a spring wire) is stretched, as the loop closes, spaces between teeth are reduced. The loop is stretched (activated) by pulling the wire out the last brace and bending it over.

Orthodontic Informed Consent

Braces or aligners take time! Many things can happen or change during an average 24 to 30 month treatment.

Orthodontic treatment can make wonderful changes to your appearance and function, however issues and/or problems can arise during or after treatment. You should know the risks and limitations regarding the treatment before you make a decision to commit to starting.

Issues to discuss with your orthodontist include but are not limited to: Hygiene requirements, related to potential permanent scars on the teeth, and gum/bone health.

Growth related issues, including unusual or unexpected jaw growth.

Treatment time estimates, treatment times can vary person to person.

Tooth root resorbsion (shortening), can be increased during active treatment.

Jaw joint issues, as related to orthodontic treatment.

Retainers and how long they need to be used.

Many treatments have other specific issues which need to be discussed prior to starting active treatment.  Many of these issues require active participation of the patient or assistance of the parents of the younger patients. Some issues should also be discussed with your dentist or other specialist prior to starting active orthodontic treatment. Especially, post treatment prosthetics(replacement of missing teeth) and gum health.