Do Fast Braces Work?

Teeth move through bone with braces, aligners or retainers now the same way they did 75 years ago. Braces use the teeth to transmit the message to the cells of the bone to change position. This is a normal physiologic process that goes on for your entire life. Bones change in response to the stimuli of life.

If you lift weights every day for an extra hour, the muscle in your arms will make the bones underneath bigger and more dense. If you do no exercise, the bones get smaller and more frail.

The teeth do not know or care what brand of braces, aligners or retainers are pushing on them. They react like mother nature instructs them. Moving bone out of the way where there is pressure and building new bone where there is tension. This allows the tooth to move through the bone and get straighter. There is no medicine you can take, exercise you can do or yoga position to increase the physiology of teeth moving through bone. braces that are self-ligating (have little doors or clips that attach the arch wire) are no speedier than traditional braces.

The only way to move teeth faster is with trauma, or surgery (the same as trauma). There are surgeries that can be done to increase the speed at which teeth move with braces. Usually the surgery costs more than the braces and comes with it’s own risks.

There are things that can slow down the speed teeth move with braces. Greater friction of the braces with the wire will cause the speed of treatment to be decreased, sometimes even stop. Orthodontic specialists have been trained to bypass this and many other treatment issues.