Braces for less than $6000.00 / How to save money on braces!

Braces do not need to be so expensive. The secret for having a winning smile without paying the big bucks is . . .  START EARLY! If you wait till your child is 14 or 15 years of age, braces will cost $6000.00, or more.

Starting early, at age 7 gives the orthodontist time to do the preventive and interceptive care that can reduce or eliminate much of the expensive care needed. Uncomplicated care like having a baby tooth removed early can significantly reduce the problems from crowding, impaction (stuck teeth) or teeth growing in the wrong place.

Interceptive treatment like palate expansion can prevent impaction of eye teeth. Moving protruded front teeth back into the mouth can prevent them from being broken in an accident.

DO NOT WAIT for your dentist to make a recommendation for your child to see the orthodontist. Be pro-active! Ask your dentist or friends for the name of a qualified orthodontist near you. If you have an insurance that requires a formal referral document, ask your dentist to provide it. If the dentist declines, call the insurance company and ask for a referral to a contracted provider. The focus of the dentist is often on other dental concerns.

You are your child’s best advocate.