How to choose the best orthodontist for your child

Choosing your orthodontist can be simple or complex depending on you. Orthodontic treatment takes a year or three and there will be regular visits with the dentist and their staff. You should choose an orthodontist you feel comfortable talking with as well as one who will spend the time needed to make a great smile.

We recommend you speak with more than one orthodontist. For most orthodontists this initial meeting and evaluation is complementary. It will cost you only the time needed, probably about an hour.

Orthodontic treatment, even limited or minor treatment moves and changes all the teeth of the mouth as well as the function of the jaw and muscles. This is complex care and requires an excellent understanding of what will happen. A thorough understanding of facial growth and development is also required for providing orthodontic treatment for growing children.

HMO insurance requires you to see a contracted orthodontist. Ask your dentist or check the insurance web site to see who is in network. PPO insurance plans provide better benefits if you see an in-network orthodontist, but it is not required.

Many general practice dentists provide orthodontic care using Invisalign (TM) aligners. Orthodontists have spend at least two additional years of training at a recognized and accredited university. Look for a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.