Crowded teeth?

There is a range of crowding of teeth. There are three ways to reduce crowding of teeth.

First, is to move all the teeth in the arch more forward, into a larger circle to get the extra room. If there is enough bone on the face side of the teeth this works well.

Second, is to reduce the width of individual or multiple teeth by sanding. If the teeth are not as wide, they will fit in line better. This method can often be combined with the first method.

Third, if there is not enough bone to contain all the teeth when they are aligned, teeth can be removed from the line to provide enough room to align the others. If there is not sufficient room in the bone, and the teeth are forced into alignment, they will have gum recession and bone support problems. Most often two teeth (one from each side of the mouth) are removed so the mouth is symmetric when the teeth are aligned.