Braces, first visit. What will happen?

You or your child’s first visit to the orthodontist may have been recommended by your family dentist, or, you may have concerns of your own. Our office welcomes new families and offers an initial evaluation without charge. Some insurances require a written referral. If this is needed, we will contact your dentist for the form.

If there are specific concerns, please let the orthodontist know at the start of the appointment so we can be sure to address them. If the concern is in regards to a tooth not at the surface (stuck or impacted) please bring the x-ray from the dentist’s office with you to the appointment. This can be either printed, digital or e-mailed.

If you have insurance that covers braces, bring the insurance card, or information with you to the visit.

The orthodontist will do a thorough evaluation and may request a panoramic x-ray or other imaging at the first visit to provide better information regarding the specific patient’s needs.  You will be given an outline of the issues to be resolved and the basic treatment to do this.

A detailed diagnosis and treatment plan will be done after more complete diagnostic records can be evaluated. No one likes surprises, and the orthodontist will need the complete diagnostic records to firm up the care plan.

You will leave after the first visit with an estimated plan and fee for the treatment. Some insurances require their dentist to evaluate the records prior to their authorization of care.

The first visit should take from 30 minutes to an hour of your time.