Do Quick Braces work?

QuickBraces, FastBraces®, Six Month Smiles® treatment. Do they work?

Teeth move through bone of the jaw using your body’s natural physiology for bone reshaping. So far, there has been no breakthrough in changing how the body’s system works. All braces work the same. They push a tooth with very slight pressure in a constant direction, and the bone of the body reshapes very slowly around the tooth to allow it to move.

There are many brands (manufacturers) of braces. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your teeth do not know what brand of braces they are wearing, and don’t read the advertising saying one works faster than another.

There have been some experimental orthodontic techniques using multiple surgical holes punched into the bone between the teeth to increase the bone metabolism for a month or two after the surgery. This seem promising, but a little extreme, and expensive.

There are many well trained and very smart orthodontists in the San Diego area. They will tell you that a typical treatment takes 2 to 3 years. If they could routinely treat the same smiles to the same quality in 6 months, they would all be doing this treatment. It is curious that not one of the dentists listed as providers for FastBraces® or Six Month Smiles® in San Diego are orthodontists.